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About SPC

About SPC

A paradigm shift

The Shaw Park Complex presents a paradigm shift for Tobago.

This venue is the game changer which will ensure that Tobago sets in place a legacy for the many talented citizens, while also providing a world-class space that will facilitate the development of other sectors.  the country and those to come many years hence.

The Shaw Park Complex is quickly becoming the mecca for all kinds of events and even further, sets the platform to raise industry standards. This venue is a place we all must feel proud of as it not only reflects the fact that Tobagonians now have access to a world-class venue, but also that a venue is now available for Tobago to meet the world!

The design was well thought out and the multi-use approach of the spaces makes it dynamic.

My own desire is that we recognize that we all have to care and cherish what is ours, and not a simply relaxed position of ‘yes we care’ but a deep commitment and relentless discipline to uphold the highest standards.

I remain committed to this thrust and welcome you to Tobago to host your event whether small, medium or large. Hosting your event in Tobago is already a guarantee that value-added benefits are there including unbeatable hospitality, delectable cuisine, and beautiful natural landscape.

Welcome to Shaw Park Complex… where Tobago meets the world! We look forward to welcoming you.

Yours, John Arnold